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Product Description

Made for the IBU Biathlon World Cup at Soldier Hollow February 14-17, 2019, this collectible cheering bell is sure to cheer on competitors at this and many future events. The MOEN Bell is made in Norway and laser etched with the event logo in Utah.  It measures 3-1/2" high, including the metal handle under the ribbon.

MOEN Bells have a super cool connection with Biathlon since they are made from recycle spent bullet casings.  We even mixed some in from Soldier Hollow a while back.

Many athletes say bell cheering helps them go faster... they tell us.  Go team!

The podium winners receive a prized XXL 6-1/4" high MOEN Bell.  Below the product photo is a wonderful shot of Norway's Marte Olsbu Roiseland ringing in her win on the fist day of races at Soldier Hollow World Cup Biathlon.  

Yep, she went all the way to Utah to win a bell made in her home country.... Heia Marte!

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