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06 Oct

Cowbells are the best prizes!

Posted by Bessie Bovinae

"Once again, this year participants were ecstatic to win a cowbell.  One runner claimed "This is the best prize I've ever gotten!  And I've won a lot of races!"

-- Part of a wonderful hand written note we received from a Colorado race director

24 Aug

Happy International Cowbell Customer from Denmark

Posted by Bessie Bovinae

"They came, we rang : - ) And they are loud. They will help promoting our event for sure. They turned out really nice."  - Cyclocross Event Customer from Denmark

We are so happy he likes his order of custom imprinted Mae Bells!

20 Aug

Football Spirit Cowbells :: High School Booster Club Fundraiser

Posted by Bessie Bovinae

Mae Bells make excellent fundraisers for football and band.  Here's a note from a happy Band Mom...

Football and Band Moms send their love...

Thank you so much for sending the beautiful cowbells so promptly!  Do you have a magic wand?  They are perfect for cheering on our Marching Band as well as encouraging the football team.  Thanks to your super fast service we will be selling them at our first game on Friday and our family picnic on Saturday.  It was lovely speaking with you and we look forward to repeat orders. 
--- Band Mom

24 Jun

Shipping Cowbells Internationally :: Optimizing Shipping Fees Example

Cowbells.com ships heavy cowbells worldwide cost effectively.  Here's an example of how EvaMae quickly responded with options for a New Zealand customer buying six Brutus Bells

Hi Michael,
Thank you for your bell order.  This is the shipping policy for international orders.

Cowbells.com ships internationally to:  Australia, Asia, Canada, and Europe.  You may receive an email request for additional funds to cover international shipping fees.  Our starting fee is $35.95.  We have excellent international FedEx rates for orders over 11 pounds (5kg), and we will work to optimize shipping value.

The $39.95 fee that you have already paid covers the cost to ship 5 bells.  You ordered 6 bells which puts you over the weight limit for the Flat Rate of $35.95.  I have a couple of options for you.

  1. We could ship only 5 bells and refund you the $14.99 for the 6thbell that we would not send.  You owe nothing more in shipping.
  2. I can send a PayPal request for an additional $25.45 to cover the shipping for all 6 bells.
  3. With the additional $25.45 paid, you can increase your order to 12 bells with no other increase in shipping.  You would just pay $14.99 for each additional bell and the $25.45 in shipping.
  4. If by chance you are interested in increasing your order to 18 bells, then that would qualify you for an extra special FedEx rate.  You would be charged the additional $14.99 per bell and the additional cost for shipping would be $59.38 

I hope this all makes sense.  I welcome any questions you may have.  I have your bells boxed and ready to go.  Let me know which option you want to go with and we will get them on their way.



RESULT:  Yet another option!  In following up, EvaMae's offered 5 Brutus and one Mae Bell (Yes they are named after her, our SuperRep!) to stay under the weight limit for the flat rate international shipping.  Yippee!  Michael received 6 bells and saved a chunk in shipping. MOOvelous Eva Mae!  


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