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Get MORE Cowbell

"More Cowbell" SNL Skit Bell

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  • Give a FUN gift to a Saturday Night Live fan
  • Need a quick costume?
  • Recreate the SNL “More Cowbell” Skit *
  • Give your favorite athlete More Cowbell cheers
  • Available in multiple sizes (measurements include metal handle)
    SMALL: 3-1/2" high, includes wrist strap
    LARGE:  5-3/4" high, most like size in skit
    X-Large:  6-3/4" high
    XX-Large:  7-3/8" high
  • Made in USA

You know you need "More Cowbell"... Remember that hilarious SNL More Cowbell skit featuring Christopher Walken and the always funny Will Ferrell?*

Buy a cowbell that celebrates the pop culture catch phrase created by one of the top 10 Saturday Night Live skits.*  

These sturdy cowbells are available in multiple sizes and feature a bold “More Cowbell” slogan printed in white.  

  • The LARGE size is most like the original
  • Wrist strap included on small bell size (see note below)
  • Features bold “More Cowbell” logo
  • It rings true that life needs more cowbell

You can also get your bells custom printed with a minimum order of 50 bells.  Give EvaMae a RING! 

These are real cowbells and have a clappers (can be removed).  No drumstick required.  You can also add or upgrade straps.  

* Find out why people love the MORE COWBELL SNL skit.



    X-Small 2-3/4" MOEN Bell

    Small 3-1/2" MOEN Bell

    Medium 4"MOEN Bell

    Large 4-1/2" MOEN Bell

    X-Large 5-1/8" MOEN Bell

    XX-Large 6-1/4" MOEN Bell

    Mega 11-1/2" MOEN Bell


    Beefy Brutus Bell 7"

    Bargain Bells 3"

    Mae Bell 3-1/2"

    Mini Bell 1" Bell with key chain

    Bessie Bell 5"