• WRIST Strap in Black Webbing
  • Stars & Stripes Webbing WRIST Strap
  • WRIST Strap in WHITE webbing
  • WRIST Strap in RED Webbing
  • WRIST Strap in PURPLE Webbing
  • LONG black herringbone weave webbing loop
  • LONG White Webbing Loop
  • Stars & Stripes LONG Loop
  • Blue Stripe Ribbon
  • 27 International Flag Ribbon (single-ply)
  • 27 International Flag Ribbon Sewn on Webbing
  • 70 International Flag Ribbon Sewn on Webbing
  • 45 Yard Roll of 27 Flag Ribbon

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Product Description

This is where you can purchase loops or yardage separately for other bells (non-MOEN) or uses: like 27 Flag single-ply ribbon loops or black webbing wrist straps for the bargain bells, or 27 flag ribbon yardage (45 yard minimum) for craft projects.  

If you are looking to pick a strap for your MOEN Bell order, click here.

•  Black webbing 
•  Stars/stripes webbing
•  White webbing
•  Red webbing
•  Purple webbing

LONG LOOPS: (neck straps)
•  Black herringbone weave webbing
•  White webbing

•  Stars/stripes webbing
•  Blue Stripe Ribbon
•  27 International flag ribbon (single-ply, best on bells 3-1/2" & under)

Premium Long Loops: $3.50 each
•  27 International flag sewn on webbing (bells 4" and over)
•  70 International flag ribbon sewn on webbing 

27 International flag ribbon and stars/stripes webbing yardage is available.

International Penant Flag woven webbing lanyards are available here!

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