Official office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.  (But we are often around earlier and later.)
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Toll-free sales number 1.800.876.1794  (EvaMae)
Main phone number +1.415.924.8663 (Elisabeth)

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Behind the phones and emails (vintage photos... we liked them)

EvaMae & Gayla

SuperRep in Utah
Picture is of EvaMae and Komiko, one of the many wonderful animals she grew up with. 

Direct email:
Phone: 1.800.876.1794 or +1.801.571.7449



Lis on skisElisabeth
In California
Picture (not in California) is of Elisabeth on her Littleput skis... she's taller and has longer skis now.

Direct email:
Phone: +1.415.924.8663