About Us

Our Mission

Cowbells.com's Team Theme is happy people having FUN!  Our mission is to deliver FUN high-quality bells for cheering and celebration to happy customers worldwide.

We're also committed to doing good in the world by supporting non-profit organizations that help both people and animals, as well as the environment.


Founder’s Message

People often ask me how I got in the cowbell business... here's the short answer: I started Cowbells.com in 1995, to help customers create their own FUN events that echo the excitement and spirit of the Olympic Winter Games.  It fulfilled my childhood dream to be part of the Games. 

Yep, we've been “in” the Olympics, as Official Licensees!  Cowbells.com's exclusive Norwegian crafted MOEN Bells have cheered athletes at Olympic Winter Games since 1994 in Lillehammer.  The European tradition is the sound of the Games.  Mittens don’t clap!

It’s been an utterly amazing experience to help people easily order any quantity from our wide variety of plain and personalized custom bells.  Plus we’ve been able to support schools, sports, charities, and the environment.  “Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its wings”.  We have a lot of wonderful Angels and customers!  Thank you Universe!  More please!

You’re invited to join our happy herd of new and long-time customers!  Order online or give the experts at Team Cowbells.com a RING and talk with a real human.  You’ll be ringing soon!


(aka Bessie Bovinae and hey bell lady)  

Team Cowbells 

As the global experts of cowbells used at special events, our small Team carries out our mission to assist customer pick the right bell to create FUN memorable events.  (We just smile when people say "it doesn't ring a bell".)

Wedding bell super expert EvaMae (left in photo below, Elisabeth right) is also our MOO (Manager of Outstanding Operations).  Behind-the-scenes Team Cowbells members include engravers, imprinters, sewers, and lots more.  

EvaMae our Super Sales Rep and Cowbells Founder Elisabeth


How about you?

Can you find your need for more cowbell below?  If not, give us a RING… you could WIN a goofy cow hat with your order!

Do you want to order custom cowbells (allow 3-4 weeks, rush options available):

  • for our wedding, personalized with our names and date
  • as cool printed trophies or an engraved single award
  • with our team/school logo to sell at games, booster club
  • event gifts for race volunteers and participants
  • for our company promotion with our logo imprinted

Are you looking for bells to ship out the next business day: 

  • different styles of plain cowbells
  • small bike bells to alert hikers / bears on the trail 
  • Official USA Bobsled & Skeleton cheering bells support the Teams!
  • an instant collection of event bells 
  • just want a herd of bells to make some noise at the finish line, try a Boo-boo Bell Box
  • different bell styles, there are so many. How about buying a Sample Set?
  • MORE cowbell logo cowbells

Looking to do more cowbell research:

  • want even more cowbells, show me EVERYTHING!  
  • not finding exactly... call we have even more than everything
  • wondering what's the big deal about “More Cowbell”