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This is a new site we are building... the ancient site is is the cowbell expert! 
We help customers select the right bell for them. delivers FUN bells for trophies, events and promotions!

  • On-line Since 1997, in business since 1995
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  • What Makes Us Experts
  • Our Herd (Team)
  • Ring it up for Charity! Program
  • We be GREEN!
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Maggie Moo (that really is her nickname) made our very first web site in 1997, but it didn't have e-commerce... That was the Internet olden days!  We have been ringing up sales on-line since 2001. was launched as Nordic Connections in 1995, the name was changed in 2001. Since we really do have more cowbells, we added an "s" for in 2014.

Bells are cool and not just for cows anymore.  Cowbells have lots of uses and customers are always coming up with new ones.  Check around the site and blog for ideas.  If you have a great idea or photo, enter the cowbell story contest!  You could be a WINNER!

We sell cowbells because Bessie wanted to be in the Olympics when she was 7.  Many years later, she started the business in 1995, with the objective of becoming the Official Supplier of the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games Cheering Bell.  Yep!  We helped make for a noisy event.  Bessie got her wish and won three Olympic President's Awards.  Even bought herself a silver belt buckle (like a rodeo award), but doesn't wear it... it's kind of showy.

The MOEN Bells of Norway were the most popular souvenir at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games in Norway.  Bessie brought them to Utah for the 2002 Olympic Games and lots of other events.  Customers wanted a variety of bells so other styles and price points were added to the line. 

Our herd (team) has been to hundreds of events from the Olympics and world-class bike races to little league baseball games. We have decades of marketing and cowbell experience.  We know which bells works for different kinds of projects (cheering, sales bell, fund raising, give-aways, wedding bells, trophies, awards, cyclocross, etc.).'s team delivers PLAIN bells, CUSTOM PRINTED bells, ENGRAVED bells and bells that haven't made it on the website yet.  If you are looking for a special bell, let us know and we may have it or will know where to find it. 

We've been very official as an Official Licensee of fun events and companies.

Official Licenses Previously Held:

  • Salt Lake Olympic Committee
  • United States Olympic Committee (3 times)
  • Torino Olympic Committee
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • General Motors
  • United States Ski and Snowboard Association
  • Jamaican Bobsled Team
  • World Alpine Ski Championships (Vail99 + Vail2015)
  • Birds of Prey Men's Downhill
  • West Point - United States Military Academy
  • Vail Resorts Management Company
  • Aspen Skiing Company

We have a great team of independent people, whose theme is happy people having FUN!  But we take our work very seriously... sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we don't do brain surgery, we deliver cool cowbells.  Here's an introduction to the people supplying customers with more cowbells... 

EvaMae, Super Rep, Wedding Bell Expert, Utah Coordinator
(She's MOOvelous!  She even has a bell named after her!) 
email: SuperRep(a)

Bessie the cow puppet, Spokesbovine and customer service agent
(She has a bell named after her too!)
email: Bessie(a)

Elisabeth, (Rita calls her boss cow) 
Company instigator (founder too) 
email: e(a)

Behind the scenes: 
They're focused on what they do and don't answer phones or emails, and they are buddies who help out and deserve some credit.
    Kevin - Master engraver in Utah for the MOEN Bells
    Lena - Head honcho and sometime engraver of MOEN Bells in Norway
    Karl - Zippy fast imprinter for Bargain Bells
    June - Sewer of webbing loops  
    Del - Sewer for ribbon loops
    Rita - Trade show and event expert (She's a dog expert too!  She rescues Bassett Hounds)
    Chris - Graphics Guru, co-winner of "Look of the Games" President's award for ribbon design
    Peter - Our triathlon team and cycling billboard
    Maggie Moo - Web site initiator, for web site #1 
    Bob - EvaMae's honey, he can fix anything!
    Dave - Elisabeth's honey, self-proclaimed burro
    Mikey - Graphics Guru 
Bruce - PR Producer.  Responsible for the popular line "MORE cowbell" in the funny skit on Saturday Night Live (just kidding).

RING IT UP FOR CHARITY! has a community support program called "Ring it up for Charity!"  In addition to random acts of charity, each year we pick a non-profit to support.  Here's a list of some worthy program recipients:

  • KQED - a public media outlet based in San Francisco, California
  • The Humane Society
  • Women's Ski Jumping - Olympic Team
  • Tour de Cure - American Diabetes Association
  • The American Cancer Society
  • Team in Training - The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Meet the Wilderness - Award winning non-profit bringing children to the mountains for growth experiences
  • Nepalanese Youth Organization - bought 5 piglets so girls could go to school instead of work
  • Heifer International - bought goats and bunnies for families to raise and pay it forward 
  • St. Bonaventure Indian Mission & School
  • Save-a-Bunny 
  • The House Rabbit Society
  • The Seeing Eye (dogs for the blind)
  • Community Action Marin
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 
  • Pet ResQ Inc.
  • White Bison Association - bought bales of hay... seemed right.
  • San Francisco Food Bank
  • Glide Church
  • American Legion of Veterans

Way before it was popular, and it's products were GREEN!  BIG things and little things we do to help the environment:

  • Since 1922, MOEN Bells of Norway have been made out of recycled bullet casing from practice ranges
  • We round up used shipping boxes and add our "It's not pretty, but it's recycled" stickers
  • Cowbells can be used over and over... not thunder sticks!
  • We don't commute
  • We use both sides of our recycled paper
  • We turn off the electronics at night
  • We have drip irrigation
  • Use LED light bulbs
  • Next we want to collect rain water!
  • Our green dream: electric car powered by solar panels 

Salt Lake 2002 Olympics Winter Games: President's Award for Official Licensed Product
    1.  Most Representative Use of SLOC Look of the Games - Ribbon Designs
    2.  Best Art Product - 6-1/4" MOEN Bell (serial numbered)
    3.  Best Sports Equipment (for spectators) - 4" MOEN Bell
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)- 2nd Place, Rising Star Award.

LOCATIONS: sells online.  From the main office near San Francisco, Bessie has a view of Brutus the bull (hence the Brutus Bell) from her office window.  Bells are warehoused in different locations in the US, but mostly in Utah where EvaMae is the boss.  Some specialty catalogs carry the MOEN Bells of Norway that they buy at wholesale from us. is the exclusive importer of MOEN Bells in North America. also owns and other cowbell related domain names.

American Cancer Society
American Diabetes Association
Amgen Tour of California
Aspen Skiing Company
Canondale Bicycle Corporation
Certified Angus Beef
The Coca-Cola Company
Cycling events in US, Canada, Japan, UK
Cyclocross Magazine
Deer Valley Resort
Football Moms across the nation
General Motors
Heifer International
Inside Triathlon
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Live Strong / The Lance Armstrong Foundation
New York Stock Exchange
Park City Mountain Resort
Salt Lake Olympic Committee
Skiing events in US, Canada and Germany
Sun Valley Resort
Target - Wireless Catalog
Torino Olympic Committee
US Navy
US Olympic Committee
US Ski and Snowboard Association
Vail Resorts Management
Vail Valley Foundation
Velo News
Visa Inc.

Cyclocross Magazine
Deseret News
Marin Independent Journal
National Public Radio (As it Happens)
Norway Times
The Record - NJ
Salt Lake Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
Seattle radio
Skiing Magazine
Vail Daily Newspaper
Voice of America (radio)
The Wall Street Journal

TV appearances:
San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Torino, QVC, Vail, Vancouver