Fundraising Success Story: Women's Ski Jumping MEGA Cowbell rings up $2500!



MOEN Mega Bell for WSJ auction #1

Spoiler Alert:  This story has a happy ending... Women's Ski Jumping became an Olympic event in 2014 Sochi.

Back in 2010, for their fund raising auction, the Women's Ski Jumping USA (WSJ) purchased a MOEN MEGA Bell with a WSJ/Sochi 2014 logo on the front and numbered 1 of 1 on the back (only one bell made with this logo).

Vice President of Women's Ski Jumping USA reports back:

"We had a great event last night.  I told how you are the "sound of the Olympics" and anyway, the bell, the 1 of 1 went for $2500.00!  Please share that with your engraver...just simply a hoot and it could not have worked any better!  Can you believe it!!!!  People loved it, but then they also loved when I auctioned off two $12 tickets to the Summit County Fair's demolition derby (impossible to get tickets) that went for $100.  I run kind of a eclectic auction!"

Women's Ski Jumping (WSJ) has been lobbying hard to let girls "fly" at the Olympic Winter Games.  (Women will box at the London Olympics, but have not ski jumped at Olympic Winter Games.)  The athletes and association have their fingers (not skis) crossed for Sochi 2014.  In the meantime, the group is raising $$$ for the cause.  

  • Creating a festive atmosphere with a story and unique item (BIG size, engraved, numbered, sound, textured finish)
  • Offering an exclusive item - numbering the bell 1 of 1 on the back
  • Presenting with a passion for a cause
  • Selling smaller engraved bell during event and our site
  • Having FUN!

Fans helped too!  Smaller,  4" high WSJ Bells sold for $29.90 and a portion of sales went to support Women's Ski Jumping. 



Some older, but important news... 
One step closer to the Olympics!!!  Women's Ski Jumping approved for '09 World Cup
VILAMOURA, Portugal (May 26, 2006) - The International Ski Federation (FIS) approved women's ski jumping for the 2009 World Championships Friday, an important step before gaining Olympic approval. In the plenary session on the final day of the 45th FIS Congress, delegates approved adding the women's normal hill event to the calendar for the World Nordic Ski Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic, with a team event to be part of the 2011 championships in Oslo, Norway.
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