Sharing some happy customer comments...

The bells were a big hit!  Thanks for the excellent service and getting them to us quickly! I will definately be in touch to order bells again.

--- Michelle

I did receive the cowbells in perfect condition yesterday.  Thank you for your prompt response, and for the cow hat...hysterical!
--- Stacy

Hi...I received my bells! They look great.It was "moo"-valous that you got them out so quickly!!...I'll give you a ring when I need more...Thanks again...
--- Joan

I’ve already emailed some of the team moms and told them about your great service.
Thanks, again!
--- Kara

We received the cowbell in time for "Bossman's" retirement party. Thank you very much for all you did to ensure that it was delivered on time. It was great and "Bossman" thought so too. Thanks again.
--- Jamie

Thanks so much--can't wait to see the bells.  I really appreciate all your efforts and consideration.
--- Chris

Thank you!  You were wonderful to work with!
--- Cheers, Jessica

Many thanks indeed the bell arrived today and it is fantastic. I will definitely recommend your work when and where I can.
--- John

It was very nice talking with you I appreciate you kind a friendly manner over the phone.  It was refeshing to talk with some one with such a genuinely helpful attitude.
--- Chris P.

Thanks! I received everything this morning and my house has been a Ringing experience!! They are terrific!
--- Kim

The bells are great!  We actually put one of the 6" bells in our fundraising auction over the weekend and several gentlemen got in a bidding war over it!  Sold it for over $300!!!!
--- Maren

The cowbells made it safe and sound today....I've been running around with my cow hat on scaring the dogs and making the horses wonder!
--- Paul

Just wanted to say thanks again for the cowbells... the customer loved them and it was exactly what they were looking for. : ) Hope you had a great weekend. Keep ringing!!

Just wanted to say thank-you for so promptly sending on the silk bag I ordered (but which had been omitted from my original order) and for the addition of the silly cow hat in my package.  What a delight that was, especially given that my husband absolutely LOVES the Hereford Bulls (bulls...cows, what's the difference!) which is our local area high school football team.  He brings his cowbell inscripted with "Hereford Bulls" to all the games and loves that he can make more noise than most of the fans!
Just love your product.  I know that our friends are going to just love the cowbell we ordered for them for Christmas to use for their Bunko games!  It's going to be a big hit, for sure!
Thanks again...your most courteous and pleasing customer service was so greatly appreciated.
--- Jean

They're HERE!   Not only do I thank you for getting them here just in time for our first race but the quality is...just...plain...AWESOME!   These will be a big hit this weekend.  I'm also glad that I requested you to put your web site on the bells because I have no problem letting everyone know where I got these bells. Thanks again,
--- Rick

Our soccer team at Hilliard Davidson High School in Hilliard Ohio are decorating the bells and showing their school spirit at the friday night football game.  The parents thought it would be a great gift for the girls at a team dinner and a way to build team morale.  Thank you and I can't wait to send you our team photos.....Go Lady Wildcats :)
--- Vickey

They are PERFECT!!!! I am completely tickled pink with them! I found some sage ribbon, testing it out this weekend to see how it works. I’ll be sure to follow-up with pics of the final product after the wedding. The copper color is perfect, just the right size and the sound is ideal – we’ll have cows mooing for miles! HA!  Thanks so very much!!!
 --- Laura Beth

Good, probably could have used 3000 instead of 300.  Thank you for the service.
--- Chris C.

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