Wedding Bells - Truce Bell

We just ordered a cowbell to be used in our upcoming wedding, in the Truce Bell ceremony. The tradition is said to come from Ireland. During the wedding ceremony, the minister will bless a bell and give it to the bride and groom, who will then hold onto the bell and ring it together. While they are ringing the bell, the bride and groom are thinking happy thoughts of each other and their love and upcoming life. After the wedding, the couple keeps the bell for decoration in their home, as a souvenir of that happy day. Whenever the couple argues, either the bride or groom will grab the bell and ring it. This brings a "truce" to the argument, as the sound from the bell brings to mind the happy and loving thoughts they had when they originally rang the bell on their wedding day. We can't wait to receive our custom cowbell to use in our ceremony and have in our house for the rest of our lives!!
--- Matthew


Thanks also for the suggestion of using lace instead of ribbon.  We found some that will look lovely and was on clearance!  Yeah! 
--- C.

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