Dog training with football cowbell...

Thanks for the pictures and story of the day Nicole!

football bell used in dog training dog in action with bell taining

Here are two pictures of our new 10 week old chocolate lab puppy, Toby.  We are using our 2007 cowbells to potty train him.  Each time he needs to go outside, he rings the cowbell.  Hopefully Toby will be potty trained by the beginning of September because football season is starting and our cowbells will be cheering on our boys (hopefully) to another undefeated season.
GIYRA (Grosse Ile Youth Recreation Association) loves your cowbells so much that we ordered them in 2007 and 2009 to give away as parents gifts for our football league.
Thank you again for all your help in getting us another GREAT parent gift.
Can't get enough cowbell,

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