Olympic Bells

The bells are absolutely awesome and the neck ribbons are gorgeous! I love the engraving of the Olympic logos and the Olympic Rings on the earlier bells - VANOC sure missed out on that one! I am so happy that you had bells available from the previous Winter Olympics and that I was able to get them! The bear bells for your wrist are also beautiful and useful for hiking as well. They will be used in two weeks for hiking in Banff & Jasper. I ordered a bear bell from VANOC and I think the band must have been designed for poodles' legs. It fits on two fingers if you are lucky!

WOW - when I discovered your two cowbell pins I was in seventh heaven. My 9-year old nephew and I are trading some pins ahead of time (just to get into practice for February 2010) and I know this pin will be a really cool trader! He kept his VANOC cowbell pin to trade to me until the very last trade during his two week stay - cowbells are pretty important in this household! Of course the other one will be in my personal 'cowbell pin' collection. It was so thoughtful of you to include two pins.

I can't wait to get my special 'Olympic Display' of cowbells and other memorabilia displayed in my Library.

It was wonderful to talk with you and I know our visit to the Vancouver Olympics as spectators will be even more exciting now that we have bells to ring at the events we are attending. Hope we see you at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Once again thank you for your fantastic service, help and the extra treats! You are the greatest!


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