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26 Aug

Vet office gets MOOOOing...

Posted by Bessie Bovinae in cowbell, cowbell sounds, moo sound, story, vetrinarian

Received the shipment of bells plus the COW HAT!!!!   Thanks for the fun headgear in addition to your entertaining "hear the bells" page.  Our staff has had (and is still having) so much fun with the bell sounds.  This clinic has an appointment desk that is next to the business office (my domain), so there are 5 computers within close proximity.  We've practiced turning our volumes on high and playing a Cowbell Chorus accompanied by random mooing and shouts of "I gotta have more cowbells!"  One of the computers actually has an additional set of speakers that can really increase the volume, but we can only add that feature when we're closed for lunch. You might want to try this yourselves, unless you're already over the top with the sound of cowbells.      

My assistant announces "Rounds in 5 minutes, please" each morning at 9:55 by utilizing the in-house paging system.  No more tardy doctors since the cowbell serenade now accompanies the announcement!! The clients get a kick out of it, too... 

Who knows if we overgrown children will tire of this diversion, but I'll keep you updated!

-- Fun Animal Hospital Office Manager


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