Boo-boo Bell Box Buyer

Here's a great reason to get a Boo-boo Bell Box! In the quote below, the customer is letting us know what kind of bells she would like. This helps us pick bells to make her happy and we love her story! Hope she sends pictures soon!

"Okay, the web site said I would have the opportunity to tell you what the event is, but then it didn't. I put in the "Gift Message" that we wanted LOUD! However, I feel like more information is necessary.

My Mom used to have an actual cowbell, from a farm in Nebraska where she grew up (I think). She would bring it to all of our games we played as kids, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, it embarrassed my brothers to no end. Now, she has grandchildren and wants to continue the tradition. Their mom, my sister-in-law, is a runner now and it's her birthday that I'm getting this box of bells for because she thinks it would be just as awesome to do that to her boys. She also won't mind if the boys cheer her on at her races with cowbells too.

With a box of fewer, bigger, LOUDER bells, there will still have enough that we will all have a blast at all our family events."

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Boo-boo bell box

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