ASK BESSIE Q & A: How many cows in a herd get a cowbell?

So, we asked Bessie, our Spokesbovine, how many cows in a herd get a cowbell?

Yay, cowbells! When it comes to how many cows in a herd get them, it all depends on where you are and what you're using them for! Some farmers believe that all of their cows should wear cowbells, while others think it's best to just let a few of the herd jingle-jangle. And don't forget about the decorative cowbells, which are used for celebrations and special occasions - they're so fancy!

Now, let's talk about why cows wear cowbells in the first place. When cows are grazing in open pastures, it can be tough for farmers to keep track of where they all are. That's where cowbells come in - they make a delightful sound that can be heard from far away, making it easier for farmers to find their cows. So, if you ever find yourself wandering through a field of cows wearing cowbells, be sure to give them a happy wave and a cheerful "MOO"!Bessie Bovinae Spokes Bovine"!

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