Shipping Cowbells Internationally :: Optimizing Shipping Fees Example ships heavy cowbells worldwide cost effectively.  Here's an example of how EvaMae quickly responded with options for a New Zealand customer buying six Brutus Bells

Hi Michael,
Thank you for your bell order.  This is the shipping policy for international orders.

INTERNATIONAL: ships internationally to:  Australia, Asia, Canada, and Europe.  You may receive an email request for additional funds to cover international shipping fees.  Our starting fee is $35.95.  We have excellent international FedEx rates for orders over 11 pounds (5kg), and we will work to optimize shipping value.

The $39.95 fee that you have already paid covers the cost to ship 5 bells.  You ordered 6 bells which puts you over the weight limit for the Flat Rate of $35.95.  I have a couple of options for you.

  1. We could ship only 5 bells and refund you the $14.99 for the 6thbell that we would not send.  You owe nothing more in shipping.
  2. I can send a PayPal request for an additional $25.45 to cover the shipping for all 6 bells.
  3. With the additional $25.45 paid, you can increase your order to 12 bells with no other increase in shipping.  You would just pay $14.99 for each additional bell and the $25.45 in shipping.
  4. If by chance you are interested in increasing your order to 18 bells, then that would qualify you for an extra special FedEx rate.  You would be charged the additional $14.99 per bell and the additional cost for shipping would be $59.38 

I hope this all makes sense.  I welcome any questions you may have.  I have your bells boxed and ready to go.  Let me know which option you want to go with and we will get them on their way.



RESULT:  Yet another option!  In following up, EvaMae's offered 5 Brutus and one Mae Bell (Yes they are named after her, our SuperRep!) to stay under the weight limit for the flat rate international shipping.  Yippee!  Michael received 6 bells and saved a chunk in shipping. MOOvelous Eva Mae!  


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