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MOOvies from Customers and Bessie!

Here's a video on how to quickly loop a cowbell so the strap lays flat in the back and the ribbon folds to the front fabric side.

Bessie talks about the most popular bells available on Cowbells.com.
--- Bessie, spokesbovine


Bessie RINGS the bells on the sound page!
---Bessie, spokesbovine


The MOEN Bell Story, Vintage 2000, 4.5 mins


"Yeah things went really well with the bells.  Here's a video from the event, you can see and hear the bells all over the place!"
--- Karl at PinkBike, July 2009


"Where's the cowbell???"
--- Paul Carter, June 2008


"Riding up Sierra, Stage 3, Tour of California, 2008"
--- Paul Carter, February 2008