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Hello, I just wanted to email you & let you know I got my Team USA Cow Bell that I bought from you. I love it. I accidentally scared the crap out of my two cats when I rang it while watching the games yesterday on TV. It is even better than I hoped for. Thank you again. I look forward to buying from you in the future. 
-- Cheering Olympic Fan

I don't think I told you how pleased we were with our cowbells.  They turned out better than we expected, and we used them as prizes at one cross race, and the racers that I talked too were thrilled.  Much better prize than getting a stale box of Powerbars...
Happy Bike Shop Owner... He ordered custom Mae Bells (gold, silver, bronze) for trophies

I got the cowbells today...THANK YOU.  The hat is awesome and the large bells are great also...especially the Olympic one...thanks a bunch for getting them out in time for our triathlon this weekend.
--- Fast Shipping for a Speedy Athlete

The cowbells were a huge hit for us this week. We could have given away 5x as many!
--- Marketing Director for a sporting goods manufacturer


Thanks so much for the bell!  This will actually be our third... Our group loves the bells!  It has become a traditional part of the last get-together for the season!
--- Cycling Club Award Buyer & Cyclocross Enthusiast

The race was a huge success and the cowbells were very popular.  I didn't order enough.
--- Cycling Event Coordinator

Received the shipment of bells plus the COW HAT!!!!   Thanks for the fun headgear in addition to your entertaining "hear the bells" page.  Our staff has had (and is still having) so much fun with the bell sounds.  

This clinic has an appointment desk that is next to the business office (my domain), so there are 5 computers within close proximity.  We've practiced turning our volumes on high and playing a Cowbell Chorus accompanied by random mooing and shouts of "I gotta have more cowbells!"  One of the computers actually has an additional set of speakers that can really increase the volume, but we can only add that feature when we're closed for lunch. You might want to try this yourselves, unless you're already over the top with the sound of cowbells. 

My assistant announces "Rounds in 5 minutes, please" each morning at 9:55 by utilizing the in-house paging system.  No more tardy doctors since the cowbell serenade now accompanies the announcement!! The clients get a kick out of it, too...

Who knows if we overgrown children will tire of this diversion, but I'll keep you updated!
--- Fun Animal Hospital Office Manager

Thanks for the bell . . . definitely a true Olympic sound the we all know and love!  Looking forward to Sochi 2014.

--- Women's Ski Jumping Supporter

I really appreciate the great service. It would be cool if it (((the gift card))) said "Have a mooooooovelous Birthday" but if it has to say one or the other just say Happy Birthday. Once again thanks and I shall tell all my friends (wish I was more popular) about your great service.
--- Creative Gift Giver

Thanks for your friendly and helpful customer service!  I appreciate all of your assistance this week.  You can forward this to your boss so that they see what a great job I thought you did!  :-)
--- Charity Fundraiser

Yes, everyone is very happy!  The bells were a big hit!  Thanks for the excellent service and getting them to us quickly!  I will definitely be in touch to order bells again.
--- Ski Club Coordinator

Thank you so much for sending the beautiful cowbells so promptly!  Do you have a magic wand?  They are perfect for cheering on our Marching Band as well as encouraging the football team.  Thanks to your super fast service we will be selling them at our first game on Friday and our family picnic on Saturday.  It was lovely speaking with you and we look forward to repeat orders.
--- Band Mom

I did receive the cowbells in perfect condition yesterday.  Thank you for your prompt response, and for the cow hat...hysterical!
--- Non-profit Administrator

Hi...I received my bells! They look great.It was "moo"-valous that you got them out so quickly!!...I'll give you a ring when I need more...Thanks again...
--- Football Mom

Everyone loves the bells and my sons love the cowbell hat that you sent.
--- Corporate Marketing Executive

I wanted to follow up with you to let you know how happy I was with the recent cowbell we purchased for Mother’s Day for my wife.  To refresh your memory it was the one with our three son’s first and middle names, along with their respective birthdates.

She was delighted with the gift – really, really excited.  Thank you for your special effort to get it to us in time.  I appreciated your help!  Thanks again,
--- A Happy Mom and Dad

We received the cowbell in time for "Bossman's" retirement party. Thank you very much for all you did to ensure that it was delivered on time. It was great and "Bossman" thought so too.
--- Company Gift Buyer

Thank you!  You were wonderful to work with!
--- Yet another happy customer... oh golly gee whiz that's nice

Many thanks indeed the bell arrived today and it is fantastic. I will definitely recommend your work when and where I can.
--- Custom engraved bell buyer all the way in England

It was very nice talking with you I appreciate you kind a friendly manor over the phone.  It was refeshing to talk with some one with such a genuinely helpful attitude.
--- Ski Team Trophy Buyer (((Purchased custom engraved MOEN Bells)))

Thanks! I received everything and morning time at my house has been A Ringing experience!!  They are terrific!
--- Ski Mom

The bells are great!  We actually put one of the 6" bells in our fundraising auction over the weekend and several gentlemen got in a bidding war over it!  Sold it for over $300!!!!  (((It was a custom engraved XXL MOEN Bell)))
--- Ski Club Fundraiser

The cowbells made it safe and sound today....I've been running around with my cow hat on scaring the dogs and making the horses wonder!
--- Cyclocross Event Organizer

Just wanted to say thanks again for the cowbells... the customer loved them and it was exactly what they were looking for. : ) Hope you had a great weekend. Keep ringing!!!
--- Happy ASI customer

Just wanted to say thank-you for so promptly sending on the silk bag I ordered (but which had been omitted from my original order) and for the addition of the silly cow hat in my package.  (((Cowbells.com note: We goofed so we sent a goofy cow hat...))) What a delight that was, especially given that my husband absolutely LOVES the Hereford Bulls (bulls...cows, what's the difference!) which is our local area high school football team.  He brings his cowbell inscripted with "Hereford Bulls" to all the games and loves that he can make more noise than most of the fans!

Just love your product.  I know that our friends are going to just love the cowbell we ordered for them for Christmas to use for their Bunko games!  It's going to be a big hit, for sure!

Thanks again...your most courteous and pleasing customer service was so greatly appreciated.

--- Buyer of Custom Engraved MOEN Bell and Bell Bag with Jingle Bell Bow

They're HERE!   Not only do I thank you for getting them here just in time for our first race but the quality is...just...plain...AWESOME!   These will be a big hit this weekend.  I'm also glad that I requested you to put your web site on the bells because I have no problem letting everyone know where I got these bells.
--- Off Road Alliance Group

Just wanted to let you know that (((Cowbell.com removed the name so we are not name dropping))) LOVED the Cowbells that you guys made for us for the (((national non-profit))) ride in Boston in June.  I have now gotten the go-ahead to supply the same bells for the west cost ride next September (just completed the west coast ride myself and the finish line really needed some cowbell joy).  We are also talking about the Moen bells for fundraising rewards... so, we're on our way!  Thanks for all your help. 
--- Coordinator at law firm doing pro bono work for national non-profit

They are PERFECT!!!! I am completely tickled pink with them! I found some sage ribbon, testing it out this weekend to see how it works. I’ll be sure to follow-up with pics of the final product after the wedding. The copper color is perfect, just the right size and the sound is ideal – we’ll have cows mooing for miles! HA!   Thanks so very much!!!
--- Bride to be, happy about her wedding bells

(((The event was))) Good, probably could have used 3000 instead of 300.  Thank you for the service.
--- Race Director

The race was fantastic and the cowbells were a hit with the crowd. We were the only company with cowbells and it brought a Winter Olympics/European feel to the racing. We received a lot of comments about them indeed!  Thanks very much for the prompt service, the bells were fantastic!
--- Corporate Ski Racing Participant

The bells came out really nice!  Our end-of-season party is this coming Saturday.  I'll be giving them out to our Male & Female racers of the year and a special "More Speed Than Talent" winner.
No one knows that I ordered the cowbells again, but last week several people said that they thought the ones I gave out last year were much better than having trophies.  So, I'm expecting that people will like them again.

--- Ski Racing Club Coordinator

Thanks for the suggestion of using lace instead of ribbon.  We found some that will look lovely and was on clearance!  Yeah!

--- Happy Bride

We LOVE them!  Got them yesterday and immediately started to distribute. Thanks for all your help!!!!  Our campaign will be a huge success because of your patience with us!  Thanks again for everything!!!!
--- Event Coordinator

Received the bells today, they look amazing!!! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround, top job!
--- Another UK Customer

Excellent job!  I got the bells last night and they look great!
--- USAF SSgt

The bells came in and they look great.... Loud as hell and super annoying... great success!!  haha..  So thanks for everything!
--- Marketing and Sales Manager, Bicycle Manufacturer

Just a note to let you know my niece was really pleased with the cowbells.
--- Aunt of the bride

The cowbell for my daughters nordic coach was just delivered!!!  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!  The kids are so excited about giving it to their coach.  Thanks again for going above and beyond with all your help!!
--- Buyer of Ski Coach Gift

I do love my green bells!  Thank you so much for your help!
--- Eco Marketing Coordinator

Everything worked out well this weekend!! The bells were a complete hit as per always! Thank you again for your help--you're a miracle worker for pulling it together that quickly!
--- Last minute ski race trophy bell orderer

This is so awesome.  Thank you for getting this done in an unreasonable time frame from me.
--- Another last minute orderer...

Bell arrived today and looks FANTASTIC!  Thanks for providing a wonderful product with such short turnaround.
--- Yet another

The bells are FABULOUS!!!!  Our Fed Ex gal got a kick out of the box rattling and then we opened it while she was there and were all ringing them.  We will definitely enjoy them.  THANK YOU!
--- National Non-Profit Income Development Manager

Received the cowbells yesterday - WOW!! Our group decided we could not afford the larger 4" bells - but the sound and the quality of the 3-1/2"  bells more than make up for it - these are the most awesome-ly loud bells I have ever heard - and the quality of the metal/weight/coating of the bell - is first rate!! - thanks so much - I will refer anyone I know that needs to be heard your way  - we can't wait to use the bells in our spring regatta's!   Thanks, most importantly for your committment to great customer service!!!
--- Crew Team Coordinator

Just a quick thanks for your awesome Cowbells.  The guests at our wedding (and our cycling friends) loved the bells. They were perfect!
--- Happy Bride and Groom

Thank you for a great service recovery!  We got the bells just in time for the game!  We'll forward a picture when we can.  The bells were a big hit and our Wykons won big!  Thank you so much!  We'll be in touch!  Thanks again!
--- Football Mom

I got them- they're great. Much louder than the bells I get at the craft store.
--- Happy Crafter

I love the Cowbells you created for our High School!!  We have started selling them and they are a huge hit!!  Thank you!!
--- High School Booster Club Football Mom

Just want to say "thanks":   I received the bells the other day. They are great.  Your recommendation to go with the XL bells was expert.  Again, thanks for the advice, service, and friendliness. We will send you photos of us at Oktoberfest, with those custom bells. I may even order a couple more of them!
--- Happy Beer Drinking Cowbell Ringer

Oh my goodness!  I am so so grateful for you!  Thank you and thank you to my angels!  This is the 3rd year we have used your company for bells and we have always been so happy with you and your service!  THANK YOU OODLES!  You saved my bacon!  (((The package had been miss-sorted by the shipping company.  We overnighted a replacement order so they would have bells in time for their event.)))
--- Happy Repeat Customer