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Product Description

Like Bruce says... sometimes you just GOTTA have MORE cowbell! 

When sound and budget more important than looks, this is a really good option.

A Boo-boo Bell Box can be a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN!

  1. Non-profits, race directors or other groups need bells to cheer on the athletes at aid stations and the start/finish line.
  2. All that bell cheering makes the athletes MOOve faster.
  3. We need to find homes for bells that are goofs, seconds, darkened, or from previous events. They still make plenty of noise! 
  4. They may not be pretty... but we're RECYCLING.  Yippee!

    Include a message with your payment about your event or project... that helps us pick for you.  

    For example: if you need QUANTITY, there will be more Bargain Bells included in the box.  Or, if you want really LOUD bells, there will be fewer bells total, but more MOEN and Mae Bells, less Bargain Bells.

    SMALL Box: 5 to 10+ bells for $49.75
    LARGE Box (shown): 10 to 20+ bells for $99.75 (qualifies for FREE shipping)

    NOTE:  Please understand that Boo-boo Bell Boxes will vary in quantity, type, quality, color and availability.  Boo-boo Bells can be from previous events (already logoed), blemished, engraving mistakes, darkened, or chipped; but they'll make plenty of noise, cheering volunteers, and happy athletes!!!

    For now, we have a lot of beautiful previous event MOEN Bells, Mae Bells, and Brutus Bells
    .  So with the higher value bells, the quantities will be on the lower side.  But again, let us know about your event/objective or what you are looking for and we will customize a box for you.

    Boo-boo Bells do not always come with straps, so you may want to use some rope or webbing.  You can also purchase straps separately.

    BELL USE:  
    LaCrosse and hockey coaches hang bells in the goal nets so the team can practice ringing/scoring.  Great idea!



    X-Small 2-3/4" MOEN Bell

    Small 3-1/2" MOEN Bell

    Medium 4"MOEN Bell

    Large 4-1/2" MOEN Bell

    X-Large 5-1/8" MOEN Bell

    XX-Large 6-1/4" MOEN Bell

    Mega 11-1/2" MOEN Bell


    Beefy Brutus Bell 7"

    Bargain Bells 3"

    Mae Bell 3-1/2"

    Mini Bell 1" Bell with key chain

    Bessie Bell 5"

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