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MOEN Natural Cowbells

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Norwegian farmers use "natural" MOEN Bells for their sheep, goats and cows.  The natural single-polished finish is darker and a little rough compared to the double-polished MOEN trophy and event collectible bells.  The second photo shows both finishes. 

Measurements are from the bottom of the bell to the top of the metal handle.

3-1/2" high bell (Small) - sheep, goats, calves, BIG dogs
4" high bell (Medium) - cows
4-1/2" high bell (Large) - cows

Available in double polish only:
2-3/4" high bell (XSmall) - popular for hunting dogs, sheep, goats
5-1/8" high bell (XLarge) - cows
6-1/4" high bell (XXLarge) - for BIG Cows

Special order:
11-1/2" high bell (MEGA) - for display
See photo below of very cool installation at Ruth Chris Steak House in Boston.

Ribbons can be purchased separately.

MOEN Natural animal bells are also available with collars that have a patented attachment system to hold the bell tight into the collar.   A limited number of bells with collars are available.  Strap colors are red, blue, yellow, green, and white.



X-Small 2-3/4" MOEN Bell

Small 3-1/2" MOEN Bell

Medium 4"MOEN Bell

Large 4-1/2" MOEN Bell

X-Large 5-1/8" MOEN Bell

XX-Large 6-1/4" MOEN Bell

Mega 11-1/2" MOEN Bell


Beefy Brutus Bell 7"

Bargain Bells 3"

Mae Bell 3-1/2"

Mini Bell 1" Bell with key chain

Bessie Bell 5"