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Ribbon & Webbing Loop Options for MOEN Bells

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With a MOEN Bell purchase, you can select from "standard" ribbons at no additional cost (the 4 on the left). If you don't pick a ribbon, you'll receive a black wrist straps on your MOEN Bells. 

For extra fancy loops and when ribbon is sewn onto webbing there's an additional charge of $3.85.  These beefier ribbons are great for bells 4" and larger MOEN Bells.

If you want to purchase loops or yardage for other bells... like black webbing wrist straps for the bargain bells, or 27 flag ribbon yardage (45 yard minimum) for craft projects.  There's another page for that!  

•  Black webbing (Standard on MOEN Bells)
•  Stars/stripes webbing

LONG LOOPS: (neck straps)
•  Black herringbone weave webbing
•  Stars/stripes webbing
•  Blue Stripe Ribbon
•  27 International flag ribbon (single-ply, best on bells 3-1/2" & under)

UPGRADE: $3.85 each
•  27 International flag sewn on webbing (bells 4" and over)
•  70 International flag ribbon sewn on webbing