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Ribbon & Webbing Loop Options for MOEN Bells

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With a MOEN Bell purchase, you can select from "standard" ribbons at no additional cost (the 4 on the left). If you don't pick a ribbon, we'll pick one for you. 

For extra fancy loops and when ribbon is sewn onto webbing there's an additional charge of $3.90.  These beefier ribbons are great for bells 4" and larger MOEN Bells.

If you want to purchase loops or yardage for other bells... like blue-stripe ribbon for bargain bells, or 27-flag ribbon yardage (45 yard minimum) for craft projects.  There's another page for that!  

•  Black webbing
•  Stars/stripes webbing

LONG LOOPS: (neck straps)
•  Black herringbone weave webbing
•  Stars/stripes webbing
•  Blue-Stripe Ribbon
•  27 International flag ribbon (single-ply, best on bells 3-1/2" & under)

UPGRADE: $3.90 each
•  27 International flag sewn on webbing (bells 4" and over)
•  70 International flag ribbon sewn on webbing