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MOEN Bells of Norway!


The MOEN Bell Story

MOEN Bells have cheered athletes at the Olympic Winter Games since Lillehammer in 1994, but enjoy a much longer legacy.

The first MOEN Bells were produced in 1922, by Tobias Moen in the picturesque little town of Moi, on the west coast of Norway. The bells are cut from iron sheets, formed and coated with brass recycled from spent ammunition cartridges from Norwegian military practice ranges. From bullets to bells!

Bells are a popular tradition at European sporting events where their distinctive cheerful clamor applauds athletes. The bells have come a long way from their original use--helping farmers find animals lost in mountain pastures.

MOEN Bells of Norway come in seven different sizes.  From 2-3/4" to 11-1/2"', MOEN Bells are measured from the bottom of the bell to the top of the metal handle.  

The Large 4-1/2" bell is the loudest.  The Mega bell sounds a little like a garbage can, but has a great presence (see group photo).  You can ring the bells on the flash sound art on the hear the bells page. Click on the bells... or the cows... or Bruce Dickinson.  For non-Flash users, find a computer or wait until we get our MOOvie made.

MOEN Bells include a black webbing wrist strap. (Except the MEGA, it has a leather belt.)  You can select another "standard" wrist or long neck strap or upgrade your straps/loops on the ribbon page


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Also, some extra light-weight items, like Lanyards and Sterling Silver Micro Bell Necklaces, ship FREE within the U.S.

Orders for non-custom bells are normally shipped out from Utah the next business day.  Allow five business days to reach the East Coast from Utah.  Faster shipping options are available.

For simplicity, we offer the following value-based shipping rates:

Orders under $25:
Standard shipping, $5.95
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Please call if you have a RUSH order.

Cowbells.com ships internationally to: Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.  You may receive an email request for additional funds to cover international shipping fees.  Our starting fee is $35.95.  We have excellent international FedEx rates for orders over 11 pounds (5kg), and we will work to optimize shipping value. (Blog post example.)

Turn-around time for personalized (engraved MOEN Bells, or imprinted promotional bells) is 3-4 weeks.  But are often delivered sooner.  We like to allocate a week for artwork approvals, one week imprinting and 5 business days for shipping... which is how we get to 3 weeks.  The extra week is to be prepared for Peterson's Law (Murphy was an optimist).

If you need your imprinted bells extra fast, for a rescheduling fee we'll upgrade your order to RUSH or SUPER RUSH.  For orders placed within two weeks of your delivery date, the RUSH fee is the greater of $20 or 10 percent of the imprinted bell price.  For delivery within one week add 20 percent SUPER RUSH fee, plus possibly upgraded shipping.  You'll receive a final invoice with all the charges before imprinting is started.  Prepayment is required on custom orders and due when the logo is approved.  It's best to phone in RUSH orders.

Rush fee options apply to imprinted bells only.  Plain bells generally ship the next day (you can add your own stickers). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

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