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Authentic MOEN Bells for Cheering at Sporting Events

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  • Traditional MOEN Bells of Norway
  • A Must-Have for the Olympic Winter Games
  • Real Animal Bells Coated with Recycled Brass
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

These beautiful MOEN bells were first produced by Tobias Moen in 1922 on the West Coast of Norway. Formed from iron sheets, these gorgeous sheep, goat and cow bells are coated with brass recycled from spent ammunition cartridges reclaimed from Norwegian military practice ranges. From bullets to bells!

MOEN Bells of Norway have cheered Olympians at the Winter Games since 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway.  Their distinctive clamor urges athletes to give it their all.

Each of the MOEN Bells we sell here at features a strap made from durable black webbing (except the MEGA size, which has a leather belt). You can also select other ribbons or webbing wrist and neck straps.

Each MOEN bell has its own distinctive sound, relative to its size. 

  • X-Small: 2 ¾” (71mm)
  • Small: 3 ½” (88mm)
  • Medium: 4” (100mm)
  • Large: 4 ½” (113mm)
  • X-Large: 5 ⅛” (130mm)
  • X-Large: 6 ¼” (160mm)
  • MEGA: 11 ½” (290 mm with leather strap)


X-Small 2-3/4" MOEN Bell

Small 3-1/2" MOEN Bell

Medium 4"MOEN Bell

Large 4-1/2" MOEN Bell

X-Large 5-1/8" MOEN Bell

XX-Large 6-1/4" MOEN Bell

Mega 11-1/2" MOEN Bell


Beefy Brutus Bell 7"

Bargain Bells 3"

Mae Bell 3-1/2"

Mini Bell 1" Bell with key chain

Bessie Bell 5"